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Article WritingThe following articles will give you examples of originally-written content. Some of these articles are from our own website/blog, while other article titles are linked to client websites for whom we have written.

If you are interested in reprinting one or more of these articles on your website, blog, or in your newsletter, see below the article list for instructions.

Reprinting Instructions:

If you are interested in reprinting one or more of my articles on your website, blog, or in your newsletter/ezine, you may do so as long as you follow the guidelines stated below and add "About the Author" with the reprinted article.
Do Not Use Your Name on These Articles. Plagiarism is a serious offense!
--Bill & Susan

  1. Permission Guidelines:
    You have permission to reprint these articles if you:
    -- Include "About the Author" (see below).
    -- Include the articles in their entirety with no changes to the content.
    -- Activate all links found in the articles and in the author's byline.
    -- Notify Susan that you have published. Click Here.
    -- You are not allowed to use this article in spam.
    -- Do Not use your name as the author.
  2. Add the following to the article when reprinting:

    About the Author: The Active World Writing Service is dedicated in delivering success-driven professional services that will compliment and grow your business! Providing: proofreading, editing, transcription, blog posts, article writing, and content writing.

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