4 Free & Quick Headline-Fixes to Boost Targeted Traffic

Targeted TrafficHeadlines are the “First” Impression that can turn readers into customers… or turn them away in a flash! Think of the multitude of visitors and subscribers who scan the headlines in your blog, website, emails, RSS readers, search engines, and articles.

Everyone knows the common term “writer’s block” and it happens to even the professionals. Whether you write your headline before or after your article, there are times where that title just won’t form in your mind. Following are some steps for you to utilize when needing a bit of assistance with your titles and headlines.

Headline Fixes to Boost Targeted Traffic

  1. If you have already written your article/blog post, search your content for the sentence that summarizes your whole focus. Then insert keywords in that sentence if they are not already there. Always use keywords that compliment your message content. Appeal and entice your readers by using call-to-action key phrases and words. For more tips on this step, read my blog post Win Sales With Just A Few Descriptive Words.
  2. If you need to start from scratch, an excellent and very helpful blog-title-generator service is BlogAbout. Enter your topic and this generator will give you multiple headline suggestions.
  3. After solidifying a title, go to CoSchedule to use the headline analyzer. You will see your score and analysis features to transition your title into a top-traffic-lead-pulling headline.
  4. Next, use Plagiarism-Checker.me or Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker to make sure that your title and/or entire article is not duplicating one that is already on the internet. You can also access assistance from Copyscape.com to check your whole website page for duplication.

Using the above four steps can reduce the stress and time of headline creating. Whether you are having a blank-mind kind of day, or if you are filled with great ideas, these four free & quick headline resources can boost your targeted traffic!

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