Are You Recycling… Ad Copy?

Using Ad copy properlyAdvertising online takes time and dedicated work. Like any job, having an online home-based business is challenging and requires self-motivated commitment. Another needed ingredient for a successful website is promotion. Whether it is your blog, affiliate programs, articles, or any aspect of your business, quality promotion is one of the essential elements toward achieving status in the internet sphere.

When you are advertising affiliate programs, most services provide pre-written ads and banners to be used by their members. It is easy and convenient, however not the best strategy. Recycling ad copy that has been used by 100s or 1000s of other members causes the ads and banners to go stale and results in loss of attraction to readers.

When composing your ads in your own words, use the following steps:

1. Know your target market. If you are new to a specific market then study and research so that you are cognizant of every aspect of your target audience. In the same manner, make sure that you understand your niche.

2. Be clear regarding what you have to offer.

3. Be certain that your ad copy is relevant to your specific niche.

4. Include the benefits of your product or service, which will compel your readers and move them into Action!

5. Be sure to not confuse features with benefits. Benefits focus on what potential customers need and want. How your product or service will “benefit” the readers is all that they care about.

6. Involve your audience with unsolicited testimonials and feedback from pleased customers. This is another excellent way to activate sales.

7. Create urgency in your ad copy by making your offer time-sensitive.
For example: “Don’t Miss This. It Ends in 48 hours.”

8. Another strategy to use is that of solving problems for your future buyers. If your niche has a problem that is faced by its users and you have a solution, then invite them to click through and join in order to discover the solution.

9. When you are using banners, buttons, and splash pages, a great tool is AdKreator. You will find 100s of templates to design your own custom-made graphics. Enter your originally written ad copy onto your image and you are ready to engage your ad campaigns.

Using your own voice for your ad copy will create uniqueness and distinguish you from all the recyclers of worn out and antiquated ads.

Always remember: originality and uniqueness will drive more traffic your way.

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