Are You Using Long-Tail Keywords for Success?

We are not talking about long tails like this gorgeous starling’s tail. We are discussing long tail keywords usage. It is a great way to connect with your online readers. Continue reading…

Long tail keywords

Are You Using Long Tail Keywords for Success?

Long-tail keywords usage is a great way to connect with your online readers. We hear a lot about targeting mass audiences. However, focusing on niche demographics is extremely essential in online marketing success. Some of the benefits are:

  • Long-tail keywords provide a more specific avenue toward your niche audience finding the specific terms for which they search.
  • The long-tail keyword phrases also target readers who are closer to the purchasing stage.
  • Long-tail keywords rank higher in organic searches

Using long-tail keywords usually consists of three or more words, thus mostly phrases. (Use of two words is also considered to be long-tail keywords by some experts.) If your niche is real estate, in addition to using the key words real estate, use phrases like: flower shop real estate, commercial real estate agent, dress shop real estate, clothing real estate agent, etc.

There are numerous free and paid long-tail keyword online services. You can run a search on your favorite search engine. One that I recommend is:

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