Should Syntax Matter to an Online Marketer? Part 1

Syntax Does Matter.Does Syntax Matter?

Whether you are writing a blog post, a short ad, or an e-book, syntax does matter. If you are not familiar with the word syntax, it is “the study of the rules and patterns for the formation of grammatical sentences in a language.”

Which Writing Style Should You Use for Online Marketing?

In online marketing, how does knowing about writing styles help you? In order for you to write properly and become an expert in your chosen online niche, you will need to use proper syntax and be grammatically correct. Let’s say that you need to know whether or not to capitalize a 3-letter word? One style says to capitalize, while another one says not to. So, which style do you research to find the answer for your particular niche?

Following is a list of the most widely used writing styles:

  • AP Style, Associated Press Stylebook, used by journalists and news organizations.
  • Chicago Style, Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), used as the standard for book publishing.
  • Turabian Style, a compact approach to CMS.
  • MLA Style, The Modern Language Association Style, used for academic papers.
  • APA Style, American Psychological Association Style, used for social sciences, politics and sometimes engineering and business work.
  • AMA Style, The American Medical Association, used for health, medicine and biology subjects.

When deciding what writing style is best for you, consider your niche, industry, colleagues, co-workers, and subscribers. “Does Syntax Matter?” First, use common sense in deciding to what extent you desire proficiency in writing. Then second, think of the importance that it will make in bringing customers and income to your online business.






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