To Rule or Not to Rule: Part 2

proper grammarIn a previous blog post, we discussed the topic: “Should Syntax Matter to an Online Marketer?” Plus, different writing styles that you can use for your online marketing. Following is Part 2 of this series of articles.

Does Proper Grammar Rule?

Whether you are a freelance writer, a blogger, or an ad copywriter, knowing proper grammar is helpful in boosting readership and activating the essential content in the minds of your readers. I’m sure you remember those ‘rules’ of grammar from your English classes, for example: never start sentences with “and” or “but,” never start a sentence with a split infinitive, and never end a sentence with a preposition like “of” or “in.”

Chaos or OrderRules are fine and prevent chaos in communication, however in ad copy writing there is more lenience in grammar than what a journalist would write for the New York Times. So, just how far to the ‘proper’ side do you go for your ad copy writing? That is entirely up to you when considering your niche, readership, and the object of your call-to-action.

When writing for educational websites, I definitely follow the laid-out rules of our ancestors. However, when writing ad copy for an online marketing newsletter,  I use more freedom to waive those rules, but within reason. Using “and” or “but” at the beginning of an advertisement is accepted by the audience, as is ending ads with prepositions.

The important thing to remember in ad copy writing is “readability.” Can your grammar be easily read and does it make the reader “Want” your product, service, and information? An example would be:

  • Poor: “Come get my product and use it.”
  • Better: “You’ve got to grab this product Today, because it will Change Your Life Forever!”

Grammatically speaking, the 2nd one is not following all the rules. However, it certainly will receive more click-throughs than the first one!

To Rule or Not to Rule? It is your choice after determining what will bring the most results for your online business, from your ad copy writing.

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