Why NOT to Use Fear-Oriented Advertising Strategies

Positive WordsHave you noticed the inundation of violent words used to promote web sites and online businesses? In atmospheres of negativism, why is there “not” a recognition that terms of fear promote negative emotions and thoughts.  And if the user of these terms “intends” to gain customers by tactics of fear, do you ‘want’ to do business or buy from someone who uses words depicting such cruelty? Let’s discuss Why NOT to Use Fear-Oriented Advertising Strategies.

Some online users have not even thought about the impact of such ad strategies. Some of those who use such terms will be defensive against my viewpoints, but as a person who wants peace in our world I encourage all of us to “think” before we use such words that depict fear, violence, and hatred.

Am I being a bit extreme? Perhaps some readers might say Yes, but before using such phrases visually place yourself in the same room with someone whose family member/friend was lost or injured in war or local tragedies. Then imagine what they would feel about these terms.

The unfortunate reality is that if a person were to totally avoid working with web sites that use these terms, he/she might as well not work online — the usage of such words is That Prevalent!

Words do affect each of usIt’s obvious that the users of these phrases do not mean them literally, but what concerns me is how saturated the mind can become with such syntax. “Words” do affect each of us. There is a Bible verse that says, “As a man (woman) thinketh in his(her) heart, so is he(she),” (Proverbs 23:7). As we think, we speak — as we speak, we influence — as we influence, we change lives! Let’s not verbally injure each other in our advertising, nor in our everyday speech!

This IS important! It is Very Important to discuss among marketers why NOT to Use Fear-Oriented Advertising Strategies. What can each of us do to make a stand against violence? Help by changing our “speech” on-line and off-line! And… always be aware that children are learning from you!

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