Win Sales With Just A Few Descriptive Words

Win SalesHow to Win Sales

The headline is the hallmark of your work. Within just a few descriptive words you can explain your purpose and entice the potential customer to read the remainder of your ad copy, article, blog post, ebook, white paper, or website page. Think of the multitude of visitors and subscribers who scan your headlines in their emails, RSS readers, search engines, website pages, and article lists. The headline either Wins the Sale or Loses it!

Win Sales by Leading Your Audience With a Persuasive Concept

Your headline should lead your readers with the concept of your subject and keep them curious by not giving the crucial answer until they have continued to read your entire message. Entice them to follow beyond the headline by appealing with the concept and telling them what to do with call-to-action words.

Win Sales By Knowing That It’s Not About You…

That’s right! Whether you are writing an article, ad copy, ebook, or blog post, you should be writing about and for your readers. Imagine yourself as the new potential customer, or as one of your members. They are not reading your message because of you… they are reading for what they need and what will most benefit them.

Fill your headline with Benefits instead of features. Yes, features do have their place, but show the benefits first, as the attention grabber. Features can bore the reader. Benefits Engage them.

Win Sales By Avoiding Boring Cliches & Confusing Acronyms/Abbreviations

Be unique and your readers will be more responsive to your headlines. If your voice is filled with cliches, put them aside and discover new phrases so that your headlines won’t be rejected. Being cutesy doesn’t get the sale. Use the thesaurus to assist you if you need fresh words.

Also avoid acronyms and abbreviations unless you know for sure that they are used world-wide. The internet is international. Don’t lose a customer because he or she is not familiar with your country’s acronyms.

Win Sales By Using Keywords If They Compliment the Message Content

Use keywords when possible, but only if they apply and relate to the content of the body of your message. In the same manner that you want to avoid keyword stuffing in your content, also avoid such in your headline. A few is fine, but too many will trigger search engine penalties.

Win Sales By Using an Urgent Strategy?

The sense-of-urgency strategy can be used to prompt your audience to perform the desired action that you are seeking from them–> Sales!
For example: “You Need… Today” “Register Right Now for…” “Only 3 Positions left…”

Win Sales By Enticing With:

  • solving a problem
  • something desired
  • curiosity
  • giving a quick remedy
  • getting rid of something not wanted
  • giving something unique
  • giving something free
  • revealing a secret
  • giving needed assistance
  • appealing to emotions
  • increasing pride
  • empathy – but make sure you are sincere. It is awful to read an empathetic headline, purchase, and then find out the writer doesn’t care a bit. If you are not empathetic, then do not use this method.

With just a few words you can Win a sale or lose it! Explain, Entice, & Engage your readers with your persuasive headline and you will Capture their Purchases!

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