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Proofreading, Editing, Transcription, Blog Posts, Article Writing, Content Writing, and more...

Active World Writing ServicesProfessional Writing Focused On "Your" Perspective

At Active World Writing, we are dedicated in providing services that confirm Your specifications.  It is our continual objective to perform the work and hours necessary to meet your requirements. With our assistance, you can enjoy the benefits of a successful business.

In addition to being dedicated workers, we are self-starters and meticulous in the work we perform for you. Attention to detail has often been mentioned by clients and past employers. Our services will enhance and grow your business.

From satisfied clients:
"I appreciate all you have done. It shows you truly care. I'm very impressed with your company and service. Your company is my Gold Nugget." Sonja S

"Thanks for the great job; would like you to do extra work for us!" Gunnar M.

Proofreading and EditingProofreading and Editing

Have you written content that needs to be proofread and edited before you publish it? Whether it is just an hour of work or a long ebook, we are ready to assist you. Use the submission form below to contact us.

"WOW, You're making me look like a professional. Thanks! This is perfect in every sense." Troy B

Transcribing ServicesTranscription

Do you prefer to make an audio file of your book, blog posts, articles, interviews, or business meetings? Included in our many years of experience is quality transcription. At any time, we are ready to assist you. Use the below submission form to contact us.

"I value your time and input. Your service to me has been far past any other I have worked with. It is worth it to me to make sure that everyone who puts in hard work is rewarded. Have a great day." Mishkin 

Article and Blog WritingArticle Writing and Blog Posts

You will be provided with fresh, persuasive, and originally-written work. Through our article and blog writing, we provide clients quality content.

If you need to hire a writer who will see the job through, with your requirements in mind, we are ready to assist you. (To review previously written blog post and articles, click here.)

"This is fabulous! Love it!" --Kate H.

"Great job! I saw better results than I was anticipating and your customer service is terrific. Anyone looking for a writer should definitely consider you!" Steve H

Online ResearchOnline Research

When research is required, it is our ethical code to study, learn, and then compose original writing. We are deeply opposed to plagiarism. To contact us regarding online research, use the below submission form.

"You did a fantastic job researching and generating expert questions. Plus, you demonstrated a high competency with English, and communicated well with me. I'd be happy to hire you again if the opportunity arises!" Maddy

Newsletter WritingNewsletter Content

From 1999 to 2016, we published two separate online marketing newsletters. Currently, we write and publish newsletters for our clients. (To review past editions of one of our previous publications, go here.)

"Susan, Yes, the content as you presented it in the weekly newsletter is very good. Thank you. Indeed, you are very good at what you do. You obviously know it well! Thanks, again." --Alan F


  • Transcription:
    $1.20 per audio minute for clear, regular audios.
    Additional charge (to be determined) for audios with disruptive background noise and thick accents.

    $18 per hour (charged by hourly rate)

  • Articles/Blogs: (min. 500 words) $18/hr
  • Editing-Proofreading: $18/hr

Please complete the submission form below to contact us. We look forward to discussing your writing needs and working with you.

Always with Your Success as our goal,
Susan & Bill Nichols
Thank you!

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